Wednesday, 21 January 2009

Underworld 3 Preview Clips

Preview clips of Underworld 3, upcoming fantasy movie starring Rhona Mitra, Bill Nighy and Michael Sheen:

Sonja (Rhona Mitra) and Lucian (Michael Sheen) try to escape.

Sonja (Rhona Mitra) is battling against Viktor (Bill Nighy).

Underworld 3 Cast:

- Michael Sheen as Lucian (Enslaved as a baby, Lucian has only been able to imagine the full extent of his Lycan powers. In the evolution from werewolf to Lycan, Lucian feels the responsibility of the Lycan race resting on his shoulders. At the same time, his love for the vampire, Sonja, complicates his desire for freedom from the Vampires.)

- Rhona Mitra as Sonja
(Sonja is the daughter of the powerful Vampire Elder, Viktor. Beautiful and brave, her nightly patrols defend the Coven from the hoards of ferocious werewolves. Despite her father's hatred for the Lycan race, she has fallen in love with the Lycan slave, Lucian. She battles between the desire to fulfill the responsibilities that come with her lineage and her willful nature. Because of her love for Lucian, she is sympathetic to the enslaved Lycans' plight.)

- Bill Nighy as Viktor (One of three ruling Vampire Elders, Viktor is a haughty, ostentatious Vampire overlord nearly 1,000 years old. Like most Vampires, he has a severe loathing for Lycans but also a fascination with their unique strengths. Through slavery and torture, he has created a small but mighty force of enslaved Lycans. Despite his best efforts to govern the Coven, the Council members have begun to question his leadership.)

- Steven Mackintosh as Andreas Tanis
(Deceptive and conniving, Arnaud Tanis serves the Elders as advisor and historian of the Covens. His desire for power, wealth and status lead him to do nearly anything to stand in Viktor's good favor. Often tasked with managing the strong-willed Sonja, he discovers the secrets held in the dark corridors beneath the castle.)

- Kevin Grevioux as Raze
(Lucian discovers Raze's amazing bravery and strength as he rescues him from near-certain death. A deep friendship grows between the two men. Raze sympathizes with the Lycan struggle for independence but doesn't yet know how far he is willing to go to support Lucian.)

- Shane Brolly as Kraven

- Zita Görög as Amelia

- Craig Parker as Sabas

- Kate Beckinsale as Selene (Beckinsale did not film new footage, a scene from Underworld will be used to bookend the film)

This new opus of Underworld is a prequel set in a past where Vampires were the masters of the lycans, well that is until the later rebel! Every war has a beginning! Don't miss Underworld 3, aka Underworld Rise of the Lycans!